Guidance and application forms

The below forms are designed for applications in April 2013, November 2013 and April 2014. New forms will be published in 2014, but the current forms will continue to be accepted at least until November 2014.
Starting in 2014, there will be an administrative fee of £250 for each departmental award application. HEI and research institute applications will not be subject to a submission fee. This is a new fee in light of the increasing costs involved in administering awards rounds and judging panels. This approach seeks to avoid increasing overall membership costs further; a fairer approach for smaller institutions who may only wish to submit a small number of departmental submissions: Changes to membership fees from April 2014
For physics departments who are considering making an application for an Athena SWAN award, you may also wish to consider applying for the Institute of Physics' (IOP) Project Juno programme. Athena SWAN has a reciprocal agreement with the IOP, whereby Champion status from the most recent Juno awards round may be converted into an Athena SWAN Silver award, and vice versa. Please contact us for further details, or if you are thinking of applying to both schemes at the same time.
Further information is available in our FAQs section.

Membership letter template



Athena SWAN awards submissions guidance has been consolidated into an awards handbook
Athena SWAN awards handbook - April 2014 (PDF)

(v2 uploaded 14 April 2014 to make formatting and typographical corrections)

Action plan template

The action plan template is currently being reviewed. Please contact us if you would like further guidance. You can see examples of action plans in previous published applications.

Application forms

For Bronze university awards:
For Silver university awards:
For Bronze research institute awards:
For Silver research institute awards:
For Bronze department awards:
For Silver department awards:
For Gold department awards:

Renewal forms

For Bronze university renewals:
For Silver university renewals:
For Bronze department renewals:
For Silver department renewals:
For Gold department renewals: